Marta Moreno
Acompañante de primaria

Marta Moreno

If I was sure of anything when I was a child, it was that I wanted to be a grown up. I used to lay all my dolls on the floor in front of me pretending that I was teaching them. That teacher- to- student dynamic is what I was used to until I met Angela. Angela was my teacher. She was the kind of teacher who enjoyed teaching, motivating us and guiding us on the path of learning. I still can remember her classes. Angela was so memorable, in fact, that when it was time to choose my area of study I chose early childhood education. Some people tried to discourage me from choosing early childhood education; however, I knew in my heart that it was what I wanted to do. My official area of study was early childhood education and English teacher (primary education) in CSEU La Salle.

From the first day of class, I was fascinated with the passion that some teachers had for their job. One of the things that immediately interested me was the unique layout of the classrooms of Javier Abad. Also, one of my favorite teachers, Pilar Relaño, and her sessions on motor skills, where we played and experienced with movement. Being involved in these sessions,  many questions came to my head about education and the kind of education that was carried out in the schools in

I started looking for answers to these questions working at a leisure time center; I spent my summers in urban camps. I was lucky to be part of a volunteer program in a social integration center, an unforgettable experience, where I learn that interacting, listening and respecting the others was the most important. I kept getting answers working at kindergarten for 5 years, where I worked with an exceptional team. I ended up working at a school where I was finally able to grow up as a professional, moreover learning that in our job, we never stop learning.

As a result, I kept my journey of learning searching for new ways to adapt new techniques to my classes, meeting people related to education. For instance, Mar Martínez, with whom I have studied deeply about the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. I also have taken courses on relational psychomotor activity in Cefop, where I am currently taking the course of educational motor skills by Bernard Aucouturier. I have also participated in the tribute to Waldorf’s materials in ‘Escuela libre Micael’, as well as in a couple of seminars on Montessori pedagogy.

As a result of all the different pedagogies I have studied, I followed the path that all of them have in common: to base my education towards children on respect, and on each of them individual possibilities, seeing each child as an individual, not as a whole. I feel very lucky to be part of this wonderful project. The school that I have always dreamed about, where I am going to be able to put in practice everything I have learned since I decided to study Education. I am looking forward to learn from all the children in Mayrit.