Livia Amirebrahimi

Pre-school mentor

I have always had  interest in education. I had  my first job in education while I was studying Biology, when I combined my studies working as an English teacher in after-school programs and summercamps. During my career I lived in London and Berlin, and after I studied a second degree in Literature. However, professionally, what I liked most was working with children and being able to accompany their discoveries.

In 2014 I listened to myself  and finally decided that I was going to dedicate fully to education. Since I was critical with the traditional system I decided to specialized in alternative pedagogies and learn more about them. I focused in active schools where children are the protagonists of their learning and they learn guided by their own interests and where the learning comes at any time in an active way.  Pursuing this idea I started my training to be a mentor in active schools.

In 2016 I did the course of “Respectful Accompaniment” in the Escuela Libre Alavida, where I learned a lot about a project with so much experience. I also did other formations and seminars such as Active Listening, Ecological School Garden, Feminism, and visits and observations in other schools such as Paideia or Tartaruga.

In 2016-17 I went to Mexico to study the “Montessori Guide AMI Casa de Niños” training, a year-long training that got me into a fascinating methodology and that gave me the tools to accompany the children in their learning processes. When I came back I put it into practice working in a Montessori school in Madrid.

In 2018 I did the formation of “Positive Conflict transformation through games and art” with OtraEscuela and in 2018 I returned to Uni to study the Degree in Primary Education.

In 2018-19 I started in Mayrit, and I am very excited to be part of this beautiful project in which I learn every day.