Lara Alonso

Acompañante de infantil

Lara Alonso

My journey in the educational world began in 2004, when I was about to finish my studies in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Is then when I set off to Austria to participate as a volunteer in an educational project based on movement, play and Montessori philosophy. It was a truly eye- opening experience: I was taken by the liveliness of children and I felt as a privilege to guide them in their creative and ludic processes. From that moment on I wanted to learn more and I began to explore the field of active pedagogies.

Back to Spain I decided to undertake studies in Elementary School Teacher specialising in Physical Education while at the same time I worked as Acquatic Instructor, guiding children in the water through play. This experience only made stronger my interest for education.

I travel to Scotland in 2011 with a one way ticket, my idea was to learn a new lenguage -English- and begin my studies as Montessori Guide in an attempt to link theory and practice and thus continue with my development process. My first job there was guiding and caring of three beautiful brothers, it was then when I began to understand the particularities of children time and the importance of love and respect in the development of their skills: skills for life, self-care, care to
oth ers and respect of their environment.

Once finished my studies, I began my activity as Montessori Guide in Elementary School participating in different projects in United Kingdom: Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow… All the theory that I had acquired began to take shape as practice and love for my job.

While all of this was going I kept seeking and my intuition took me to explore Nature and its posibilities for education and I found that it could be a key factor in a comprehensive development of children. In 2016 I began my training as Forest School Guide in a forest close to Edinburgh.

To complete my training I graduate as a Elementary School Teacher

Carrying all these experiences with me and with lots of enthusiasm, I began a new chapter in in Mayrit where I know that I will keep developing my skills and learning with the little ones and their families which are part of this project.