COVID-19: How we face the school year in Mayrit

COVID 19 at Mayrit - Summary

Everyone in Mayrit (companions, staff, families, children) is looking forward to sharing time together again.

That is why we have turned to implement and expand the official protocols dictated by the competent authorities regarding public health in educational centers, in order to create a safe environment where children’s rights are also respected.

In this way our children will be able to learn again while they grow up and share time together.

One mentor for every ten children

In Mayrit we believe that a close and loving accompaniment is fundamental so that the learning is done with pleasure, leaving an indelible mark. That’s why we work with an average of one mentor for every ten children, which allows us to organize ourselves in small groups where we give absolute priority to the attention of the authentic needs of the learners: physical, emotional, expressive or intellectual.

COVID 19 at Mayrit - One mentor for every ten children
COVID 19 at Mayrit - Use of outdoor spaces as a pedagogical resource

Use of outdoor space

In Mayrit we give a lot of importance to the outdoors, both outings to nature and others in urban areas, places to visit or locations for workshops, in other words,  contact with the outside reality, sounds, landscapes and smells provide endless opportunities to learn and develop.

The use of outdoor spaces has always been an essential resource in our pedagogical project, in our day to day life and for this we also have the Montegancedo forest at the very doors of the school. This school year, all this becomes an enormous advantage to plan daily work.

Large interior spaces

Mayrit is a school where children can grow and develop as the unique beings that they are, exploring all the potentialities that each and every one of them possesses.

In order to develop all this, we take great care of the space, creating a relaxed, safe and loving environment where children feel at home.

We prepare indoor and outdoor environments where they can play, touch, be amazed, create, learn and grow, through experience.

Our day to day life takes place in large and spacious indoor spaces. These will allow the transit through the school to be safe.

COVID 19 at Mayrit - Large interior spaces
COVID 19 at Mayrit - Action plan according to the hygiene and sanytary competent authorities

Action plan according to the hygiene and sanitary protocols of the competent authorities

Like everyone in this crisis, our greatest concern is to create a safe sanitary environment in which our children can continue to develop. That is why families, mentors and school personnel handle clear protocols, taking as a reference the officials dictated by the competent authorities regarding public health in educational centers.

Since July, the families have been constantly being informed of the protocols developed by the school to deal with the situation caused by the covid, protocols that are being updated according to the new indications of the competent authorities.

Prevalence of children’s rights

The fact that we want and work to create the necessary hygienic sanitary environment to overcome this crisis by complying with the authorities’ recommendations, does not mean that in Mayrit we do not take into account at all times children’s rights, their needs and particularities. Our pedagogical team combines real support during the learning process with safety and hygiene measures.

The priority of our accompaniers is to be the emotional support of our children, and that’s why they never stop training. To be able to accompany them in these uncertain times.

COVID 19 at Mayrit - Prevalence of childrens rights

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